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As a team of educators, we are passionate about implementing discovery-based, multi-sensory methods of learning to teach to each child's individual learning style. We are committed to meeting best practice standards for teaching each core subject and providing curriculum that exceeds state requirements to allow students to both acquire AND apply the knowledge presented to them. We strive, above all, to help students realize their aptitude for excellence and to come to know through our lives and our partnership with each family the "love that surpasses knowledge" and the "peace of God, which transcends all understanding, and guards their hearts and minds in Christ Jesus."

Melinda Myers


Tiffany Morris

PreK 4

Krystin Brewer


Joy Messiah

1st grade

Colton Marcotte

2nd grade

Amber Sears

2nd Grade


3rd Grade 

Rosealyn Harrison

4th Grade

Kelly Moberly

5th/6th grades

Vance Black

6th/7th grades

Chris Myers

7th grade History/Bible

Jennifer Onderek


Kendall Watson




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