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We as the staff at CVCA always strive to…

  • Lead a life of love and intention so that those who come into our school or our individual company leave our presence feeling as if they were truly touched by the love of God.  “They will know we are Christians by our love”.

  • Individualize our curriculum as necessary to reach the needs of each student, providing a multi-sensory approach to learning that allows for optimal interaction, exploration, and experience with the material presented.  The aim of our curriculum is that its interactive, Christ-centered nature which is based on biblical truth and an understanding of the developmental diversity of young learners will foster creative and critical thinking, and problem solving in our classrooms and lead to the formation of the character of Christ and a Christian worldview in the lives and hearts of our students.

  • Openly and effectively communicate with the families of our students so that together we can live out the message of Christ and reach and teach the world.  We desire that each student and family will come to an understanding of the relevance of Scripture in all of their experiences and circumstances of life as individuals and as a family.

  • Nurture growth in the spiritual, academic, physical, emotional, and social development of students and families by equipping them with the knowledge, experience, and support necessary to allow them to become valuable, active participants in our community. 

  • Support parents in their primary role and responsibility of training their child, leading and facilitating classes/conversations that will guide them in the raising of their precious children as well as through our combined outreach efforts to the community of Yukon and beyond.


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